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Massive Post: Cy’s Magic System 2000!

August 25, 2011

Hello everyone!

First of all I want to apologize for the lapse of time between this post and my last.  I have been rather ruthlessly absorbed in my computer for the past month or so, playing Minecraft, browsing the Internet and what not.  Now I’m going to try to break that cycle of apathy and resume more regular posts.  Wish me luck!

I want to honor two little girls I knew up on 10-S that have passed.  First, my good friend Bella, a sweet hospital friend of mine that gave us many wonderful memories of us in the playroom, cramming ourselves into the cabinets, talking, and generally having fun together.  Bella passed merely days apart from her own friend Lilli, a feisty little girl who has given our family one adorable quote that we will never forget: “Don’t never talk!”  She said that while she was on steroids and felt lousy and wanting us all to quiet down. Rest in peace, Bella and Lilli.

Now to cheer everyone back up again, I have built a masterwork piece of creativity!  Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, the Cyrus Zentzis Magic System 5000!  It’s quite a read.  It took me 3 days to compose and I am very proud of it.  I came up with it one day while drawing a picture of a wizard asleep in his study, surrounded by magical apparatus.  I later started thinking up what kind of spells he would use and how, then I began writing those down onto pieces of paper, compiling what is now this full documented guide for magic.  I can easily see implementing this into the Dungeons and Dragons set I got for my birthday!


The elements on the inner circle are called “primordial elements” (AKA inner elements) and the outer circle elements are called “sophisticated elements” (AKA outer elements).  Magic isn’t necessarily an element, but it is on here because it is its own force and is not tied to any other element.  All elements are used heavily in spell-casting, being represented by their respective runes (see the wheel.)

Wheel of elements


The “casting order” you see is the specific order that inner and outer elements are spoken when cast.  Inner elements are always spoken first!

Secondary Primordial Elements

Each primordial element can mix with another, creating the secondary primordial elements.

Corresponding elements

Each inner element (including secondary ones) has a outer element that it corresponds to.


Burn Spores

Fang Sprouts

Sprout blood, a deadly poison, can be created using burnspores and fangsprouts via this method:

Sproutbloodbrewin 1

Sproutbloodbrewin 2

Light Bulbs

The “crude shinerinse” in Light Bulbs can be distilled to regular shinerinse via this method:

Shinerinse Distillation

Stone Bushes

Power gems also are grown in the ground from “thundershards,” small chunks of other power gems; however, they are omitted from this list due to the fact that they technically aren’t plants.


Runes are like elements, and can be introduced to spells like one, but they define the intention of the spell and not content.


Area effect






Magical Materials:


Shinerinse and sproutblood, mentioned in herbamancy.


Frozen shinerinse and adamant, a naturally occurring source of magic and the only material able to be smelted into power gems.


Boiled shinerinse and sproutblood.


In alchemy, all elements have their counterparts embodied as individual features of a magical plant.  The parts are mixed in a cauldron of boiling shinerinse and the mixture is cooled when the potion making is done.  The following is a list of all the elements and their planty counterparts.

Elemental Substitutes

All magical creatures are given their life energy via a block of soulfrost where their heart would be located.  Similarly, the blood of magical creatures can be distilled into massive amounts of shinerinse, which is why dragons, the most abundant of the creatures, are hunted.  Just a reminder, soulfrost is frozen shinerinse, and can bring matter to life.



Dwarves, unlike most magical creatures, do not actually use magic naturally, and are still affected by magical spells and effects.



Magic Runes:

Rune circles are spells confined to an area and are always triggered by a creature stepping within its boundaries.  Rune circles can have one primordial element, exactly 3 guidance runes (from the runology section,) and can have as many sophisticated elements as it can fit in the circle.  The symbols and runes are arranged like so:

Magic Runes

Adamant (despite it’s name) is the only soft magical mineral that can sustain a spell, therefore, runes must be drawn with adamant chalk.


Wizardry essentials:

All wizards MUST have an implement to channel elemental energy, and that implement MUST have a power gem.  Early wizards actually just used a raw power gem instead of putting it into a staff or weapon for versatility.  These are a few common wizard implements:


Most wizards also carry numerous other items having to do with magic, these are a several common items one would catch a common wizard carrying.

Wizard kit

(By the way, it’s supposed to say “auxiliary power crystals!’ not auillary!)

Last but not least, the one thing that defines someone as a wizard is solely their access to adamant, since adamant is used to grow power crystals and magic plants only grow in power-gem fertilized soil or near adamant deposits.  Well, that and these awesome clothes:



Now that I’ve shared my Magic System 2000, I should mention that way back in July we had a vacation to Monterey!  It took place right after my birthday and right before my mom’s, so it served as a birthday present to both of us!  The plane ride down was my very first time flying; takeoff and touchdown were my favorite parts.  At Monterey we stayed in an uber-posh hotel and visited the well-known Monterey Bay Aquarium!  I even got to see a cuttlefish!  Next we went to San Francisco and my mom and I went to the Museum of Modern Art.  My perspective of the Stein Collection Exhibit: A lot of them were good, even more of them were naked.  The day after, we took public transportation to the San Francisco Zoo and got to see a bald eagle and one of my favorite creatures (besides cuttlefish):  tarantulas!  On the flight home we didn’t get a window seat, but that didn’t stop me from being happy because that day on the 23rd was my mom’s BIRTHDAY!

Overall the intervening weeks between my last post and this one have been full of gaming, but also harbored some of the most amazing and outstanding moments of my life!

Finally, I came up with a joke:  Introducing, The Ferrous wheel, like a regular Ferris wheel only with iron blocks instead of cars.  Only nerds will get the irony!

Until next (hopefully soon) time!



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