A visit to the dentist and…. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!

Hello everyone!  Last week I went and saw my dentist Dr. Jeff.  Dr. Jeff I’m afraid, is guilty of being one of the nicest people I have ever known!  Not only has he remembered our family through our tough year, but he also is our first sponsor of my CureSearch team, Cy’s Star Cluster.  During the visit, I was told that I need a filling in one of my teeth.  Afterward, I was gifted with a SUPERSONIC TOOTHBRUSH!  Actually, it’s just a vibrating one, but supersonic sounds cooler. My first time using the brush felt like a tiny robot was in my mouth and was thrashing violently in a desperate attempt to escape.  After a few days I got used to the strange sensation of having a vibrating toothbrush inside my mouth and I began to brag about all its amazing powers.  People get hilariously unsettled when you swing around buzzing and vibrating toothbrushes inches from their face.  They also might get angry; I do not recommend trying it.  On a happy note, the toothbrush is doing a wonderful job, leaving me with gleaming white teeth after each brushing.   All thanks to Dr. Jeff!  As a small thank-you for all his amazing kindness, I finally gave Dr. Jeff a special card.  It contained an honest thanks as well as a funny comic on the cover, inside, and back.  I have a scan of the front of the card, as well as a drawing of my first time brushing with the sonic toothbrush:

Other news: Last Thursday, my mom finally had her art show at the Elizabeth Lofts.  We partied all through the night with all her paintings up and numerous guests coming and going.  It was really fun, and not just because I got hyper after eating 15 consecutive lollipops.  A lot of people we knew came, mixed in with the strangers popping by to see what was happening.  In the end my mom sold plenty of paintings and got a massive sanity boost due to all the released stress.

FYI:  Its my birthday today! XD 😀 😉 🙂 (^_^) IM THIRTEEN!  I am a teenager now! XD

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4 Comments on “A visit to the dentist and…. IT’S MY BIRTHDAY!”

  1. mindy Says:

    “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” ~ Dr. Seuss

    Happy Birthday Cy!


  2. Dr. Jeff Says:

    Cy – your blogs are hysterical and your drawings even better. Wishing you a great big teenage birthday and a great day! It is Trina’s birthday at the office today too! She’s proud to share it with you. Keep smiling – Dr. Jeff

  3. Judy Fargo Says:

    Happy B-Day!!!!! Thirteen, eh? Let the festivities begin!!!

    Your drawings are a hoot. Those toothbrushes are wonderful. I wish those had been around when I was kid.

  4. susan crabill Says:


    In your typically wonderful way, you have the birthday but give me a gift! Thanks for your blog and drawings. As always, I love your sense of humor, and getting a glimpse into how you see the world. Happy 13th birthday!! I wish you a year full of health, fun, and love. You deserve it!

    -susan crabill =)

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