The Inventor + The Dishwasher Incident

Hey everyone!

The other day I went on an idea streak and drew some awesome images of something I like to call, “The Inventor.”

The Inventor

The Inventor

The inventor is a massive robotic arm.  It was designed to build other robots to solve humanity’s problems, but during it’s creation, they neglected to give it a hardwired objective; as a result, when they tried to install the anti-free-will hardware after it was activated, repair drones came streaming out of the arm and prevented any changes from occurring.  Ever since, humans have left the arm alone to build its own friends. (partly inspired by video game character “GLaDOS”)

The inventor invents

The inventor invents

And now for something completely different…

I recently took the challenge to operate the dishwasher for the first time.  My mom was sick in bed with a migraine, so she had to guide me through it verbally.  I ended up putting liquid dish soap instead of regular dishwasher soap into the soap container.  The result: SUDS, SUDS EVERYWHERE.  I alone spent about an hour cleaning up the initial mess.  My brother Noah helped me some – he worked hard scooping suds out of the dishwasher until he found a way to do drain it.  I have taken the liberty to construct a drawing of the scene; I hope you enjoy it:

Dishwasher bailout

Dishwasher bailout

That’s all for this blog post, until next time!

– Cyrus

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One Comment on “The Inventor + The Dishwasher Incident”

  1. Dad Says:

    Good job on teaming up to sop up the soap! I think everyone has done the wrong soap thing at least once. And my how the floor shines!

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