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Psyching out for Friday

May 20, 2011
Pink motorcycle with dog

Pink motorcycle with dog

Hey everyone! I have had a huge week! The week started out normally, going to school on Monday as per the routine, then the very next day I got nastily sick. I’ve had to stay home for three days straight sitting around, coughing, sneezing, and runny nose-ing. Normally, not much would come of this but at the time of writing I just missed the first of two performances of a huge play I am a part of. For the past month I have been rehearsing as part of the stage crew for the production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream and I don’t want to have had all that practice only to be absent on the (second) night of truth; that would be unbearable. Saturday there is a party for all participants in the play and I hope I can make it but I would feel horrible to not actually work on the play and yet go to the party designed as a reward for something I didn’t do – I just wouldn’t be able to do that with a clear conscience.

Fortunately, just in time, my sickness seems to be lifting up and I think I will be able make it to the second performance! Just this evening my mom and I went out to dinner at a place called Besaw’s. It was pretty nice, and I ordered something that just blew my mom’s mind, short ribs and mash potatoes. I have recently been craving meat and today I finally got some! The ribs were HUGE and equally delicious; there were two of them. I just gobbled down all the meat off one and all the potatoes as well as my orange soda. I had a bit of my mom’s chicken and she was happy to share along with a taste of arugula from a salad she wanted me to try, although I have to say it wasn’t my favorite – the dressing left a nasty taste in my mouth. At one point we were having a nice conversation about viruses and in the middle of it I was distracted; I let my mom finish her thought and then I said, ”I just saw a man riding a pink motorcycle.” My mom broke out in laughter. On the way to the restaurant, we also saw an equally ridiculous sight – a motorcycle with a little puppy in the sidecar. When I saw the pink motorcycle, I made a joke about seeing a puppy riding in a sidecar of a pink motorcycle. In honor of our dinner I turned it into a comic for you all to see! At the end of the meal we were both full but that didn’t mean I didn’t have room for dessert! For dessert, we had an adorable little homemade chocolate chip cookie in a tiny iron pan with a handle with homemade salted caramel ice cream on top. The ice cream was vile. My mom loved it but the cookie was delicious. Now, upon writing this, I feel that almost all the sickness has passed and by tomorrow I will be READY for all the stuff happening; when it happens I will be sure to tell you all of the crazy things that occurred!

In all this excitement, my previous post here at Cysays was adapted for the new CCA Blog. I’m the very first inaugural guest blogger ever! I really feel honored about it and I just couldn’t close this post without mentioning how much I appreciate their kindness and that they did that!

Psyching out for tomorrow,

– Cyrus


places to go, things to see

May 16, 2011

Hello again!  This week has been exceptionally eventful!  First of all, the CCA was nice enough to give us tickets to a Portland Timbers game at Jeld-Wen Stadium.  We could walk there because we are so close!  The game was most likely the most exciting, tiring, cold, and crazy thing I have ever experienced.  The crowd was crazy, I could barely tell what was going on half the time, but it was really fun.  At the end I was so exhausted that on our way home I collapsed on the hill we live on; I was too tired to move so we had to wait a while before I felt I could walk the rest of the way up.

In the time following, I got breathtaking news from my “Sky High for Cy” team, The Big Climb team that raised over $7000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, in my name! Apparently, they intended me to choose a prize from a sheet they gave me.  I had previously looked at the prize sheet, but I assumed they had chosen prizes for themselves; after all, it was they who made the climb.  I looked through the sheet with a bored expression on my face when, suddenly, I see a Wii, just barely in the price range allowed; cue: flabberghasts.  After the flabberghasts had left my oh-so-blown mind, I spiraled dizzily around, a Wii; I had never ever had a game console like that before, not ever, and now suddenly, I’m getting a Wii?  It blew my mind.  Not to mention the incredible generosity of the climbing team, I am mind-bogglingly grateful for what they have given me.  I also got a super nice multi-tool pocket knife from a guy in Texas – my mom says every boy should have one.  I cannot thank you enough, Sky High With Cy team and all your supporters!!!

A while afterwards, we got MORE tickets from the CCA, this time its for a play called “A Wrinkle in Time,” I heard there’s a book that it’s based off of but I’ve never read it.  Again we walked there; it was only a bit farther than Jeld-Wen Stadium.  The play was really cool, about some girl named Megan and her battle against the Black Cloud, the essence of all evil, and a flying brain.  The play was really good – the special effects were especially impressive; they had some projector rigged up so that they could swap backgrounds in seconds and apply effects to it.  Overall the whole thing was really good, and in the end we had some Chinese food in a nearby restaurant, a happy day!

P.S. Sorry about not posting any comics or drawings, a lot has been going on.  Next time I will try to have some.

– Cyrus

Robot Family

May 6, 2011

Hello everyone!  I just wanted to get to you with that family of robots I promised last time.  Each robot has a different power source, and that power source defines their personality. I would love to hear what you think of them or any other ideas for the robots!

There you go!  Until next time!

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