Summer send-off assignment for my tutor, and new electronic toys!

Hey everyone!  I told my tutor David that I would make a post on this blog as a final assignment for the year, so I compiled a list of things I think I would like to do with him before he leaves for the summer.  I have also prepared several drawings of him paragliding at his favorite destinations.  Here they are in order:

Plausible ideas to commemorate our last visit:

Idea A:  Make him a card.

Idea B:  Give him a haircut.

Idea C:  Give him a pink t-shirt.

Idea D:  Make him a papier-mâché model of his head, make it look like something out of a horror story.

Idea E:  Paint him a portrait, equally horrifying.

Idea F:  Make copies of the portrait, turn them into masks, and run around town scaring people with them.

Idea G:  Go to a large open field, blindfold ourselves, and play tag.

Idea H:  Pretend to be mosquitoes and attach medical needles to our papier-mâché proboscis.

Idea I:  Burn things.

Idea J:  Paraglide while holding a cat.

Idea K:  Throw a cat onto a trampoline from the roof.

Idea L:  Learn to breathe fire.

Idea M:  Be door-to-door paper salesmen, selling at 50¢ each sheet.

Idea N:  Photoshop each other.

Idea O:  Modify my smoke ring gun to shoot fireballs.

Idea P:  Make a cat skydive with you with a remote controlled parachute.

Idea Q:  Make balloons filled with pressurized ketchup; throw them at people.

Idea R:  Face paint ourselves, hide in boxes located at doorsteps, when someone opens the box, scream.

Idea S:  Design and make a gun that shoots half-melted sticks of butter, wage war with it.

Idea T:  Buy an English phrasebook; say incomprehensible sentences to strangers on the side of the road, looking confused and glancing at the book.

Idea U:  Ride horses around and speak in think British accents.

Idea V:  Go to an outdoor performance, when its over, throw flowers onstage.  When we run out, start uprooting nearby flowers and use them instead.

Idea W:  Have a sock puppet theater; make people pay expensively for the performance.

Idea X:  Add remote controlled wheels to a houseplant; send it on missions around town.

Idea Y:  Go to a beach, juggle jellyfish.

Idea Z:  Open a “nutrient-rich” water stand, charge 10$ per bottle.

And here are a few drawings I made of David paragliding at his favorite locations:

Tutor visits Oz

Tutor paraglides with the crew of the Starship Enterprise

Tutor takes refuge in Helms Deep from Lord of the Rings

Tutor welcomes new arrivals at Hogwarts

Tutor takes a tour of the Death Star

Tutor visits Narnia

More news: my Wii™ came a few days ago!  Fortunately, it came with a game so I could start playing right away.  The game is Wii™ Sports Resort.  I am excited to play with it and I’m hoping to squeeze every drop of victory out of my brother before he actually gets good at it!

My brother Noah came to live with me again a couple days ago!  He already has his computer set up and he’s having a great time here, which is good, because he is going to be staying here!  HOORAY!

I also got a CELL PHONE! WOOOOOOOOOO!  OMG I’M SO EXCITED!  MY VERY FIRST CELL PHONE!  Everything has been happening so fast and I’m so happy and so excited!  I don’t think I can fit everything into a single blog post.  I don’t even think I have the ability to put what just happened into written words yet, but as soon as I can I will try to elaborate on all the AWESOME stuff happening now!


– Cyrus

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2 Comments on “Summer send-off assignment for my tutor, and new electronic toys!”

  1. Judy Fargo Says:

    Your post gave me such a lift! Keep that imagination flying, but please don’t send any cats parachuting in us. It’s already raining cats and dogs here.

  2. susan crabill Says:


    Oh my goodness! Your list made me laugh SO hard!! I read it to my mom, who also thought it was great! Thanks for the sunny laughter- I needed it today. I love your sense of humor and creativity, and I appreciate you sharing it with us!

    -susan crabill =)

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