Wrapping up the play and my new series, Elemental Warriors!

Sorry for the delay, my mom has been sick and she usually posts my entries after I write them, so here is my latest post, and I’m hoping to have a new one by Thursday:

First, some news: 

Hey Everyone!  Great news!  I managed to get to the second performance in time!  It was fun for everyone, apparently they had some trouble with the first performance because I wasn’t feeling good enough to help, but this time I was able to get there and help out, making the whole play run as smoothly as possible!  We did a final run-through of the play before all the people came, crew, lights, curtains and all, then all of the audience arrived and we closed the curtain, eager to begin.  I was nervous at first, but the part of the crew didn’t come until later in the play, so we got to wait nervously for the first portion while the actors were out.  Honestly, it wasn’t very different from practice, although I would guess that it would make the most sense to have the practice differ the least from the performance, that way we would be prepared best for it.  When the part finally came for the crew to start moving, I was excited, it was very fun to go all across the stage doing little things here and there to keep the play functional.  I had to help bring a couple chairs onstage, turn on the light inside a lantern prop, and receive another small prop removed from the stage by an actor.  It was all sort of slow-paced, with about two to five minute breaks between each of the actions I described to you.  In the end, we all bowed in front of the audience and closed the curtain, then we got to leave the stage and we were reunited with our parents.  That night, my family and I had fun and had a small party to celebrate the huge day.

The following night, the entire cast and crew had a party at a sandwich factory called Kenny and Zuke’s where everyone watched a special video about the production of our play.  In the end was a fast-motion-squeaky-voice version of a death scene that was already pretty hammy; the clip provoked a large fit of laughter from everyone watching.  After everyone was done eating and we finished watching the video a second time, we talked for a while until our director showed up.  When he finally arrived, some of the actors had prepared sonnets for him, several of them bringing tears to the eyes of some.  Afterwards, we all went back Home to rest and have fun on the weekend.

And now, FINALLY, introducing, the Elemental Warriors!!!  Earth!  Water!  Air and Fire!  And let’s not forget their secretive cousins, Decay and Energy!  Behold!!

And now, Elemental Warriors, GO!

And finally…  Energy:

and Decay!

See you soon!


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One Comment on “Wrapping up the play and my new series, Elemental Warriors!”

  1. dad Says:

    Excellent work – I love the decay warrior – his ray cracks me up. Looking forward to Friday!

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