comics, cause and effect

Greetings!  This week my tutor assigned me some homework.  I was given some scenarios of cause and effect and was instructed to complete them.  I picked out a few funny ones I wrote to share with you:

Effects (with assigned cause):

Cause: Lizzy spilled milk all over the floor.
Effect: A milk tsunami destroyed her small-scale model of Japan.

Cause: David signed up for guitar lessons.
Effect: He realized that just because he plays guitar hero doesn’t mean he can actually play a real guitar.

Cause: Everyone was hungry.
Effect: And thus was the end of Mr. Gingerbread.

Causes (with assigned effect):

Cause: I slew the Kraken and brought its head to the king.
Effect: I won first place in the fishing contest.

Cause: The teleporter malfunctioned and sent its occupant to Ganymede.
Effect: The kitten couldn’t find its way home.

Cause: Kamikaze turkeys attacked the town.
Effect: Everyone had turkey for dinner.

I have also been making COMICS!  Here are just a couple that I made up.  This first one I got inspiration from watching a murder mystery; it is supposed to show how they all seem to build on the same formula.  If it’s too small and you can’t read the lettering, just click on it and it will open in a new window, bigger.

And this one just came to me:

I hope you all enjoy these comics!  I will be working on more soon, and plan to post at least once week.

Over and out,


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3 Comments on “comics, cause and effect”

  1. Dad Says:

    I love the cat teleported to Ganymede !!! Too funny!
    Great cartoons as well – love the NASA scientists – you captured “the look” perfectly. Keep it up !!!

  2. mindy Says:

    Hi Cy,
    How cool that you’ve got a blog. I’ve enjoyed your posts on the CCA blog. Your comics are a delight. I especially like the scientist with the glasses and the head tilt.
    Keep up the great work!

    ps I want your autograph before you become too famous to have time to sign it.

  3. Noah Zentzis Says:

    Hi, Cy!

    Your comics are, as always, FULL OF WIN.
    I’m looking forward to more great blog post. You’re amazing!

    Love ya!
    – Noah

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