Welcome to my blog!

I have had the honor of being Tween Blogger for the Children’s Cancer Association for the past several months and just finished being their regular blogger.  I’ve chosen to continue blogging here at this website and I will be posting lots of cartoons, drawings, animations and short bits of writing.  I’ll also be adding some jokes that I come up with.  See you soon!


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3 Comments on “Welcome to my blog!”

  1. Anne Laskaya Says:

    Hi Cy, How wonderful that I can look forward to more jokes, more drawings, animations, wisdom and updates from you. You made my day!

    Hugs and lots of positive energy,
    Auntie Anne

  2. Dr. Jeff Says:

    Cy – loved the animation of handing off the baton to another Tween Blogger. I laughed at the Element zooming around with you on the back! I miss seeing it in the neighborhood. Great color match too!

  3. Judy Fargo Says:

    I look forward to reading your blog! You’ve been bookmarked.

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