Comicfest through sniffles

Hey everyone!  Sorry for not posting on Monday, I got sick with the sniffles, a headache, and a sore throat.  To make up for my terrible lateness, I give you THREE, count ‘em, THREE COMICS!  Two are about pills, and the other is about stuffed animals!  Remember, they will enlarge if you click on them.  I hope you enjoy them!

This comic is just a pun about side effects of pills.  I think I got the inspiration while seeing a pill commercial and they were listing the absurd amount of side effects; or as they are in the comic, “snide effects.”
Snide Effects comic

This one I thought of while looking at snide effects, and shows life on a “pharm” or “farmacy.”
“On A Pharm”

And this one is about getting stuffed animals in the hospital.

I hope you like it!  Next week I plan to have some doodles and I have an idea for a cute family of robots; see you then!

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2 Comments on “Comicfest through sniffles”

  1. breane Says:

    these are awesome soo creative!

  2. Carol G. Says:


    These are so clever. The number of snide effects listed on medicines is just absurd.

    Question for you…. Would the temporary workers on pharms but migrane workers?

    Thanks for the laugh.

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